How to Fix Spotify Group Session Not Working in 2024

If spotify group session not working on your mobile or desktop, then don’t worry. This problem occurs for various reasons. Spotify Premium users can share control of their listening playlist with up to 7 friends in the group session.

Spotify group session feature allows spotify users to share their listening experience with friends, but sometimes it’s not working properly. Fix spotify group session not working by following 10 effective methods.

If your device is not compatible, then spotify group session will not work properly. In spotify group sessions, you can listen to music with your friends together in real time. Hare’s How to fix spotify group session not working in iOS or Android.

Why is Spotify Group Sessions Not Working

There are many reasons spotify group sessions not working properly. Here are some of the common reasons spotify group sessions not working.

1. Old App Version

2. Slow internet service

3. Cache and Cookies

4. Server down

5. Bugs

6. Glitch or Compatibility

How to Fix Spotify Group Sessions Not Working

Fix Spotify Group Session Not Working

You can fix spoitfy group sessions not working issues by following 10 effective methods. Follow the methods below one by one to fix your spotify group sessions not working.

1. Verify Spotify Membership

First verify your spotify premium subscription is active. If your spotify premium membership is inactive, you cannot start a spotify group session. You’ll need to renew your premium subscription to start spotify group session. All members in group sessions must have a premium membership.

2. Server Status

If spotify group session is not working, a server problem may have occurred. You can search “Is Spotify Down Right Now” on Google or visit the official spotify website for updates. Sometimes technical issues cause temporary server downtime.

3. No Internet Connection

If you’re experiencing issues with your internet, it may indicate that there’s no connection. Could you restart your internet device to fix the problem? Logging out and then logging back into Spotify can help resolve network issues.

4. Clear App Cache

By clearing your app cache, you can solve spotify group session not working, issues. To clear spotify app cache open your mobile Settings > Apps > Spotify and Clear Cache. After clearing spotify app cache, your group session not working problems will be solved.

5. Updated Spotify App

Spotify outdated app version can lead to errors running spotify app. Update your spotify app latest version from Play Store or App Store. You can also reinstall your spotify app to solve this issue.

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6. Disable VPN

Using spotify app, if the VPN is turned on in the background on your mobile, it may affect spotify app working properly. Make sure VPN is disabled when you’re using spotify app to start a group session.

7. Contact Customer Support

If all the above fixes are not working, you can contact spotify customer support team by email or social media. You can share a video or screenshot spotify group session not working with the support team and ask them for a solution to solve this issue. Spotify has a solution, for all problems that occur the support team can help you resolve them.

8. Restart Spotify Group Session

You can easily start spotify group session by restarting your spotify app. Follow the simple steps to restart spotify group session.

  • Leave your group session.
  • First, close your spotify app and reopen it.
  • Now start a new group session.

Restarting the spotify app helps to refresh your connection and perform properly.

9. Enable Spotify Group Session Feature

You can enable spotify group session feature manually. Open your spotify app settings and enable spotify group session feature. This simple step can solve your problem spotify session not working.

10. Code Error

Sometimes you can face spotify group session code errors, the specific code can be helpful to solve this issue of group sessions not working. You can get this code online or contact spotify customer support team.


Why can’t i start a Spotify group session?

Make sure your friend sent you the correct link or code, your internet connection works properly, and restart the app on both devices to start a spotify group session.

How do I get my Spotify group session to work?

Play a song or podcast and tap the connect device icon at the bottom of the screen.  Tap on Start a Jam and tap on the green Share link button to share this link with your friends.

Is Spotify Jam only for premium?

Only premium subscribers can start a jam, while premium or free subscribers can join spotify jam and listen to music with friends.

Why is the Spotify Jam session not working?

If your spotify jam session not working, you can clear caches or close and reopen spotif app. Force to stop spotify app. Open settings tap on Spotify app and open the app info page. Tap on the Force stop.

Who controls Spotify group session?

In the spotify group session, only the host can control who can play music or toggle to others to change music or add new songs.


In conclusion, fix the spotify group session not working by following ten simple effective methods. These simple methods will help you to solve your group session not working issue. Fix your group session not working by updating your spotify app, clearing the cache, restarting the app, and checking internet connectivity.

Enhance your music listing experience by following these tips and guides. If you have any questions related spotify group session not working, please comment below.

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