How to Get Free Spotify Premium

If you have a Spotify free account, you need to upgrade to Spotify Premium for free. Spotify allows new spotify users to get free spotify premium, who have never used it before.

To get free spotify premium, give valid payment details for sign up. You can get 3 months free spotify. After getting spotify premium for three months, you can cancel your premium subscription anytime. simply login to your premium account and cancel your premium plan.

In spotify premium, you can save music spotify playlists, and enjoy ad-free music. You can upgrade your free spotify premium to Premium Duo, Premium Family, and Premium Student.

Here’s how to get free spotify premium on mobile and PC.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium on Mobile

Step 1: Open your mobile browser, and search for free spotify premium.

Search Free Spotify Premium on Mobile

Step 2: Tap Three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

Spotify Three Horizontal Lines

Step 3: Tap Log in or sign up for a new account.

Log in Spotify

Step 4: Now enter your account details, and tap Log in.

Spotify Account Log in

Step 5: Click on Try free for 3 months.

Try Free for 3 Months Spotify

Step 6: Now select credit or debit card and put card details.

Spotify Payments details

Step 7: scroll down and tap Buy now.

Buy Now Spotify Free Premium

Note: Spotify will automatically charge you before the Spotify Premium free trial ends. You can cancel the spotify premium plan anytime before the plan ends.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium on PC

Follow the steps below to get free spotify premium on a desktop or Mac.

Step 1: Open your web browser on your desktop, and search for free spotify premium.

Search Free Spotify Premium on desktop

Step 2: Tap Log in in the upper right corner.

Log in Spotify on Desktop

Step 3: Put your account details and tap Log in.

Log in Spotify Account on Desktop

Step 4: Tap Try free for 3 months.

Try Free For Three Months Spotify on Desktop

Step 5: Select Credit or debit card.

Step 6: Select the card and enter payment details, card numberexpiry date, and security code.

Spotify Payment Card Details

Step 7: Now scroll down and tap Get Premium Individual.

Free Spotify Get Premium Individual

How to Get Spotify Premium for free?

The Spotify free version has many limitations like you can’t download your favorite music and you will listen to music with ads.

Spotify premium plan has many benefits like listening to music without any ads, downloading songs offline, reordering the songs, high-quality music, listen to music with your friends in real-time.

To get spotify premium for free, follow the easy steps. First log in to Then try free spotify premium and then put your payment details. Scroll down and click on Buy now.

Can I Get Spotify Premium for Free Forever?

No, you can’t get spotify premium free for a lifetime. You can download your favorite songs and convert them for offline listening.

Spotify gives try free spotify premium for 1 month free, 2 months free 3 months free 6 months free for newbies or who have never used premium before.

Spotify gives more attractive offers to get more spotify subcribers. Spotify sends you a reminder 7 days before your premium trial will end. You can cancel spotify premium trial at any time, log in spotify, and cancel your subscription.

spotify premium account will automatically convert into a free spotify account when the premium trial ends. Your downloaded songs and playlist will be saved in your account. In the free version, you will listen to music with ads.


How do I go from free to premium on Spotify?

To get a free premium follow the steps.
1. Log in
2. Tap Try free for 3 months.
3. Add card details.
4. Scroll down and tap Buy now.

Is Spotify Premium actually free?

Spotify new users can try free for 3 months spotify premium plan. In spotify free version, you can’t download music, you listen to songs with ads, that’s you should try to upgrade to the free spotify premium.

Does Spotify still offer free trial?

Yes, spotify still offers, spoitfy premium for free trial. If you are a newbie on spotify, and never used spotify premium before, you can try free for 3 months spotify Individual plan.

Can I get free Spotify Premium without having new account?

If you have used free spotify premium on your account you can’t get again spotify premium on this existing account.

To get free Spotify premium, you need to create a new Spotify account that has never used the free premium plan before.


In conclusion, spotify allows spotify new users to try spotify premium plan for free, who have never used premium before. To get free spotify premium you have to log in to and select spotify to try for free three-month individual plan.

It would be best if you tried the Spotify free premium plan because in the premium plan, you can download songs offline, and listen to music online ads for free.

If you have any questions related spotify premium subscription, please comment below.

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