How To Sync Local Files Spotify

People love music. When people use Spotify they also face different problems like how to sync local files Spotify.

I will help you with this problem of syncing local files on spotify. I also solved this problem a few months ago.

People are using iPhones or Android. I will provide solutions for every device. I have also faced this issue on my laptop which has an iOS operating system, you can also find how to sync local files on spotify iOS.

If you are a Windows user don’t worry. I will also take care of Windows users.

Let’s find a solution to sync local files on spotify.

Many people are not aware of syncing local files on spotify app. Spotify is an online play music app where people can listen to their favorite music.

Sync Local Files Spotify

Many people using, the spotify app are unaware of syncing local files on spotify app.

So I can explain this feature of spotify app.

Spotify is a music streaming app, which means people can play music online on spotify app.

But many people do not know this feature of syncing local files spotify, which means people can play music from their own local devices.

It’s amazing.

This amazing feature will help you, for don’t use daily data streaming for the same music in daily life.

You can download music from any source and play it in spotify.

So you can play music on your streaming app like Music Player.

Sync Local Files Spotify Android

If you are an Android phone user and want to sync local files on your spotify app, then here are steps, follow these steps.

1. First you download the Spotify app from the Play Store and then open spotify app.
2. Click on the home icon.
3. Now click on settings from the bottom navigation. (or three dots)
4. After this scroll down, and find local files.
5. Now switch on this option >Show the audio file from this device.
6. After this open your library, and you will find all your local music on your spotify app.

Following the above steps, you can sync your local songs on spotify.

Sync Local Files Spotify Windows

Here are steps for Windows users, Follow these steps to Sync local files on your laptop or desktop.

1. You can download the Spotify App from the Windows Store on your laptop or desktop.
2. Open your Spotify App.
3. Click on your profile picture, in the top right corner.
4. And then you have to scroll down to Library.
5. Now switch on Local files.
6. After switching on, you can find your local music on Spotify app.

Sync Local Files Spotify to iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then you can follow these below steps, and sync your local songs or music files on spotify. All these steps are similar to Android, but I can explain specifically for you.

1. After downloading spotify app from the Apple Store.
2. Then open your spotify App.
3. Click on the Home icon.
4. Now find the setting and privacy, and tap on it.
5. Scroll down to local files in your iOS.
6. Now switch on this >Show audio file from this device.
7. Go to Your Library and you will find your local files on Spotify App.

Now you can play any downloaded songs on spotify on your iOS device.

Sync Local Files Spotify Mac

Sync local files on Spotify on Mac, Connect your iOS device to iCloud, or connect your iPhone to Mac via USB.

And you will be able to sync your local files.

Follow the steps below.

Connect via iCloud

1. You need to login via the same iCloud account on your Mac, which has a login on your iOS device.

2. Now set up a universal clipboard, for details follow this link.

3. Open your Mac, and copy files on the clipboard.

4. In your iPhone you need to go folder name: On My iPhone.

5. Now tap on a folder of Spotify and then paste it there. Now the local file from the clipboard will be pasted.

6. You can access your local music files.

Connect via USB

Connect your iPhone with USB.

1. Open Finder on Mac.

2. Now from the sidebar, click on iPhone.

3. Drag the file on your iPhone.

4. In your local library, you can find your downloaded music.

How To Fix Spotify Local Files Not Showing On Phone

If local files are not showing on your phone in Spotify, then you can fix this issue by following these steps. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Spotify App, and enable the option of Syncing local files in your Spotify App. You are using the same account on all your devices.

Sync local files Spotify not working

Many people who are using the Spotify App, sometimes face the problem Sync local files not working on the Spotify App. So if you want to fix this issue follow the below steps.

  1. Ensure you have enabled this option for local files in your settings, if you have not done so yet, you can do this by following the steps. I have shared steps, for every device and every operating system.
  2. Check your internet connection, some time due to internet connection, some users face these issues.
  3. Make sure you are using the Right file format because Spotify allows few file extensions. File format must be mp3,mp4, or m4p.
  4. Use the same account in all your devices, when Syncing files on Mac and iOS.
  5. If you are facing this issue again, uninstall the App and reinstall it.
  6. Make sure you are using your device’s latest version of Spotify App.


Are spotify files Mp3

Yes, Spotify files are mp3.

Can Spotify play a local file

Yes, you can play local files on spotify.

Is it possible to sync local files spotify

Yes, it is possible to sync local files on spotify.

How to play local files on Spotify mobile

Sync local files on Spotify, and go to the library to play local files on spotify mobile.

Where are local files on Spotify?

When you enable local file syncing, you will find local files in the library on Spotify.


In this article, I have shared a complete guide on how to sync local files on Spotify.

I have shared a separate guide for all devices like iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows.

This guide will help you solve this issue by syncing files on the Spotify App.

Share your feedback and if you have any type of question or issue plz comment below. Thanks.

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